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Experience the complete sleep experience with our modern and elegant looking Vita Bedset. Using the most natural and eco-friendly materials, our bedset comprises of a base, a headboard and various bedding ancillaries to complement it.


Dualflex Vita Foam bed bases are carved out of carefully selected treated timber, with its frame well supported to withstand weight. The entire base is neatly upholstered with durable quilted fabric to match the selected mattress.

Dualflex Bedbase is available in single, double; Queen and King Sizes or any preferred customized size. Dualflex Bedbase is recommended for hotels ascomplete bed sets, homes and apartments. A one stops solution for bedding.

Bed Heads Boards:

Elegant Bed head boards are available in various designs and colours. Custom colors available in beige, white and mahogany shades with marble finishmanufactured using MDF.

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